Monday, 24 May 2010

Mock Up done!

Finished up a quick mock up with both Tom's and Rach's stuff. Here it is:

Just a quick reminder and links to the team members:

Jay - Don't have a link...

Render for a Mock up whoo!

Well here we go some quick lighting and I'm pretty much sorted for setting up the Mock character select screen. So here we go with playing with the settings.

This one here tho is what I'm pretty sure I'll use for the mock up. just need to get Tom's UI and Rach's character design in there and we're good to go. Rach's work can be found at HERE While Tom's is found HERE.

Textures, textures.... and more textures.

Working on the stands now. Problem is there's alot of repeating that's a bit obvious, next time I'll know to get alot larger pictures for textures...

Tried breaking this up by adding more detail and interesting bits, it looks alot better now.

Also put a couple of Rach's concept art on the posters. Her work can be found at HERE

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Bump Mapping of confusion and doom...ness...

Learning how to try and set up some bump mapping for my textures. I kinda buggered this one up however...

But after tweaking some of the settings I managed to get something acceptable I think.

While waiting for some more textures from Tom I decided to keep buzy and try making the robot character I drew in Maya. I'm hoping to at least have it textured fully by the end and rigged. Perhaps bash out a quick run/walk cycle too...

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Texture mapping of death and destruction.

Starting to place actual textures in from Tom.

Finshed texture mapping for each bit of the room as well.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Starting to work through it

Found out that there's a tool in maya called Automapping. Wish I found it alot earlier makes it so much easier, as you can see tho it's not quite correct yet but I'm gonna play with the settings more.

Also a quick image to show how the automapping sets out the texture:

Got the computer mapped too now.


Starting to put down some temperary textures. I'm using the checker pattern to help me map it out and try to keep distortion down.

Also putting up a quick playblast to show

Starting to run into some slight problems as I'm wrapping my head around texture mapping. Most of which is just fiddling with the options as I try to work through them.

SICK! But still working!

Not very well today but still managing to do some work...

Worked a bit more on the cealing light I'm alot happier with it now as it's more interesting to look at.
I've pretty much finished the notice board, you can't see it but there's a couple of flat plane meshes there. Plan to use some of Rach's poster ideas for them but I can allways put something on them if it doesn't work out.
I've reworked my vents into a simplar version so I'll make the slots when it gets down to the texturing.

I've also been playing about with the texture mapping and found it a bit difficult so I'm gonna look up some more tutorials to help me out. Perhaps there's an easier way to work it out...

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

WIP update

More WIP pictures of the room. I plan to make a few more changes before setting it up for texturing. Firstly I want to revise the vents and use texturing to try and set up the slots in them to bring the polygons down a bit. I also want to try and make the cealing more interesting and perhaps fill some empty space on the walls.

WIP Turntable room

Whoo boy am I bad at this writing stuff, here goes...
Just some WIP Pics of the room I'm making for the character select stuff, the pics don't seem to be in the right order but I'm too lazy to try and fix em now.

Go to your Room!

For the character creation screen the group wants a room so here I am making one in Maya.
Pretty much the requirements is to make it interesting and have a standing pedastool for the 2d sprites to stand on.

Character Design

Concept art of my robot, I need to scan in some of the earlier developmental drawing but this is pretty much my character for the game. In a complete lack of imagination on my part I've called him Robbo. I want to have a go at making him in 3d at some point.


Well the idea changed from a trailer / tease thing to a character select scene so my city is on the back burner... oh well.


1st piece of 3d modelling to show off I guess
This is the underwater crab city that I tried to rig and make. I need to fix the legs by painting the weights on the ball joints and set up for texturing proper.


I still hate blogging!
Well the brief is to create some assets that I could show to an employer...
So I'm gonna try some 3d modelling and a little character design along with the other people in my group.

Check out the story out on here:

Game On!

Keep a blog on the work they say? I hate blogging! So much hassle to show stuff people probably don't care about :P

So anyway this is a blog (meh a word I say with absolute disgust) on the project of Game On!
I really hate blogging...